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I urge you all to hop on board the AfriScanLink train and lets make a change.
11 August, 2017

I urge you all to hop on board the AfriScanLink train and lets make a change.

Good morning/afternoon/evening

My name is Happy Koffi Djebou, CEO and founder of AfriscanLink. I must say I’m honored and delighted to be communicating to you all regardless of your location on the globe.

From a humble beginning, cultivating the habit of managing an international firm is not an easy ride in the park. To our partners and clients ,We say Thank You very much and to our potential partners and customers, I urge you all to hop on board the AfriscanLink train and lets make a change.

AfriScan link is a international firm that has its head office in Copenhagen and as a team we strive to bridge the gap between Africa and Scandinavia in the portfolios of Market penetration ,Brand building and Africa International Business Strategy Development.

Currently , the firm is managed by myself and my partner Henry Olofin complemented by a group of tried,tested and certified consultants across the African continent with and in-depth knowledge about the rich culture and endowments of the African continent, making us paramount when the thought of African Investment comes to mind.

At AfriscanLink we strive to go an extra mile beyond customer satisfaction and deliver what we term as customer amazement as we guide our customers right from the onset of our partnership and even after that we still avail our services to them as we respond promptly when they call on us.

Our pervasive nature makes us the obvious choice and we are an always will be available should you need us.

Thank You


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