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Africa’s Emerging Opportunities

The post colonial history of Africa has been dominated by dramatic transitions, political unrest, wars, and instability, which has lead western countries to view Africa and its domestic markets as a “red zone” for investment. The lack of investment in infrastructure and human resources, among other factors, has seen many African economies lag far behind the rest of the world; some more than the others.

However, as a new dawn falls on Africa, evident by widespread stability and democratization in several countries, western governments and private sector groups are beginning to see the vast (mutual) potential of private sector engagement in Africa. The EU is now actively encouraging companies to trade and invest in Africa and has initiated trade agreements with many African regions; the USA has developed a new strategic partnership with Africa, which is intended to foster investment and trade; and China too has set it’s sights on the continent as its investments there continue to rise.

Africa is growing and its potential of becoming a major trading partner is around the corner. It has a good chance of becoming a major production hub; the proximity is good and human resources are available. The best time to invest in Africa is now; production facilities setup, labour and other costs are low. Afriscanlink is here to help familiarize you with your intending market in Africa. We know it is a daunting task choosing the right strategy, setting up production and building-up market share. It requires broad and in-depth knowledge of the market, culture and people. This is our strength.

Our Scandinavian office is ready to receive you; we are at home in Scandinavia and in Africa, our solid network and practical experience is your answer.

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