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It is our paramount objective to ensure our clients achieve their targets in their desired market in Africa.

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Public Tenders

We can help you in the process of submitting your bid for public tenders in your country of interest in Africa. We utilize our vast network to inform you of the upcoming tenders you might be interested in and willing to bid for. We inform you of the intricacies of the tender and work hand in hand with you to increase your chances of winning the tender.

Marketing Strategy

As we know that your survival and competitiveness in the market depends largely on the marketing strategy you use, we can help you in the process of adopting the right strategy for you. We are at home in Africa and we work closely with a host of qualified local partners. Together we can make you succeed in the market of your choice.

Logistics and Supply Chain

Whether you intend to produce or are already producing in Africa, we have the expertise in helping your company in all aspects of your logistics and supply chain matters. This includes the establishment of local product outlets, organising storage and warehousing solutions, and setting up and optimising distribution channels and showrooms etc. We can also help you with sourcing quality raw materials, packaging and delivery, and reverse logistics.

Feasibility Studies

We understand that the moment you start to incubate the idea of expanding your market to another country, the go or no-go decision is the most critical decision to achieving your objectives. However, if you have already decided to pursue a business venture in Africa or wish to weigh your options, a well informed understanding of the viability of your venture is indispensible.

Partnership Sourcing

Joint ventures might be part of your strategy of entry into the African market, and it is our objective to help you along the way, whatever your chosen entry strategy might be.However, finding a joint venture partner that aligns with your company’s philosophy can be a challenging task, We utilize our extensive network to help you identify and make contact with the best partner available. As part of this process we can undertake a comprehensive due diligence assessment to help you make an informed decision.

Proxy Representation

Whether you are a trading company or manufacturing company wanting to maintain a local presence, we can provide you with proxy representation in your market of choice in Africa. If you want to be close to your customers, but, for whatever reason, are unable to establish a physical presence (either temporarily or long-term), we can offer you customized services that match the scope of your goals and objectives.

Business Facilitation

We help your company do business in Africa on the backdrop of your strategy and objectives. We engage ourselves with all the tasks needed for your company to run a profitable business from idea to execution.

Brand Building and Promotion

What does it take to make your product or service a household name in Africa? Branding your company in a way that appeals to customers in your chosen African market goes well beyond conventional marketing theory and requires an in-depth knowledge of the local people: their customs, incentives and consumption patterns. We are the locals to help you achieve the brand image you desire in your market of choice, and deliver our services in line with your corporate strategies.

Market Penetration

Understanding the vast African market and how it works is vital to achieving success in your business. We know the customers, what they want and how to get you to them. We can help you develop a sound strategy by providing you with crucial market data and analysis. We rub minds with you to identify your strengths, weaknesses and key objectives. This enables us to present you with the relevant data and a tailored analysis in a concrete and practical format, thus arming you with the market insights that will be crucial to launching or expanding your business in Africa.